Here Are 7 K-Pop Songs And Albums That Were Teased But Never Actually Released

Do you remember hearing about these?

While it’s not uncommon for K-Pop artists to start working on projects before eventually scrapping them for various reasons, it’s less common for them to release teasers and announcements to the public about a comeback before then eventually not releasing them. It has happened, however, and many fans have been left feeling upset or disappointed by the lack of content that they were so excited for. Here are 7 instances of such a thing happening.

1. “La Vie en Rose” by CLC

Yes, this is the same “La Vie en Rose” sung by IZ*ONE! The song was actually originally meant for CLC, and the group even finished recording their own version of the song. During a press conference for the release of their album No. 1, they were asked about the situation.

‘La Vie en Rose’ was a track that we had finished recording. We were pretty surprised when we found out later, but this is common in the music industry so although it was a little regrettable, we weren’t sad. I think the track was able to meet better owners. Thanks to that, we were also able to meet a great track like ‘No.’

— Yeeun

While it’s not entirely clear why “La Vie en Rose” was given to IZ*ONE instead of CLC, it sounds like there’s no bad blood between the groups because of it!

2. La Maison LOONA/LOONA the Ballad album

This ballad album by LOONA was supposed to be a mini with three songs total. The album actually had a teaser and highlight medley for a planned May 2019 release, which excited fans, but it was never completed. On May 30, then-producer Jaden Jeong posted on his Instagram about the delay, with a message that said, “Delayed but Someday”. Unfortunately, on November 1 of the same year, he confirmed that the project had been scrapped.

3. An all-English 2NE1 album

This was an album that was teased to be produced by Black Eyed Peas‘ member Will.I.Am, with the group even traveling to Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 to work with him on it. There were multiple announcements about the album, and even a glimpse of the creative process behind the making of the album on 2NE1 TV, but it was never released. There are rumors that producer Teddy wasn’t happy with the process and that’s why it wasn’t finished, but it’s unconfirmed if this was the reason.

4. An all-English Wonder Girls album

This planned album was never released, but was apparently far enough in the process that the girls did perform some of the songs in 2009, and even toured with the Jonas Brothers during that year. It greatly boosted their popularity in the United States, even getting “Nobody” on the Billboard Hot 100 chart! Unfortunately, however, due to Sunmi’s departure from the group in early 2010, the planned full-length album wasn’t released to the public.

5. “All Day” by NCT’s Taeyong

Taeyong teased this solo song during livestreams and other clips seen by the public, hyping fans up for what seemed like an amazing song. However, despite this, the music video producer Mixcon confirmed that the short clip seen above was all that would be released, despite a 2020 showreel that showed additional footage from the shoot than some fans speculate could have been enough for a full MV.

6. Some of the songs featured in EXO’s debut teasers

While some of the songs in EXO’s debut teasers did get released as full songs, many of them never did! Among these include “Phoenix”, “Time Control”, “Emergency”, “Metal”, “Run & Gun”, and versions of “Machine” and “Lightsaber” that weren’t the same as the songs of those titles that were released. It’s uncertain why they were never released, and there are many fans that wish they would be!

7. WINNER’s X, I, and T albums in the EXIT Project series

The EXIT Project was expected to be similar to BIGBANG‘s MADE series originally, with fans speculating that there would be 4 mini-albums total created for an epic comeback in 2016 after and 18-month-long hiatus after WINNER’s debut album came out in 2014. While the album EXIT: E was released on February 1, 2016, it was the only one in the “series” that ever did come out. The members spoke about how much they studied and prepared for the comeback, but if the project really was intended to be a four-part series, it sadly never came to fruition, and EXIT: E was the last album they released with Taehyun before he left the group.

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