7 K-Pop Songs Fans Put On When They Want To Feel Confident AF

These songs are the ultimate confidence boost!

When you need an extra boost of confidence, nothing beats putting on K-Pop songs that make you feel fierce!

Here are 7 confidence-boosting songs K-Pop fans on Reddit put on to feel more confident!

1. “Boss” by NCT U

With its bass-heavy beat and inspiring lyrics, “Boss” by NCT U will definitely have you feeling like your most confident self!

Confidence boosting lyric: “You’re enough as you are, you’re beautiful.” 

2. Pretty Savage by BLACKPINK

If you need a reminder that you can do it all, put on “Pretty Savage” by BLACKPINK! As you listen to this fiery song, you’ll be reminded to tap into your pretty and savage sides, as well as every other side that makes you so unique.

Confidence boosting lyric: “I am black, I am pink, I can change between both if I want.” 


Put on “LA DI DA” by EVERGLOW next time you need to remind yourself that your haters can’t get you down! This catchy, retro-inspired track is the perfect way to tell yourself not to care about what other people say about you.

Confidence boosting lyric: “Got no time for haters, now cut it out.” 

4. “Advice” by SHINee’s Taemin

SHINee Taemin‘s “Advice” is a great reminder to trust your intuition and do what you know is best for you!

Confidence boosting lyric: “Best take my own advice.”

5. “MIC Drop” by BTS

Sometimes, bragging about your achievements is the ultimate confidence boost! Use BTS’s “MIC Drop” as a reminder to celebrate your accomplishments.

Confidence boosting lyric: “Another trophy, my hands carry ’em, too many that I can’t even count ’em.” 


To be truly confident, you have to embrace who you are and be yourself, no matter what others say. “WANNABE” by ITZY is the perfect reminder to be yourself!

Confidence boosting lyric: “I’m the best when I’m myself.” 

7. “So What” by LOONA

“So What” by LOONA is a great reminder to go after absolutely everything you want in life! Put this song on when you want to feel confident and unstoppable.

Confidence boosting lyric: “Blaze up higher. If you want, take everything because you’re shining without a doubt.”


Source: Reddit