7 Male Idols Who Are Known For Both Their Looks AND Height

How are they even human?

K-Pop is filled with male idols who boast visuals that could have been carved by a master artist. It’s also no secret that the taller a man, the more attractive he tends to be. Putting these two factors together, there are several male idols who tick all the boxes when it comes to looks and height.

Here are 7 idols who are not only handsome but also tall!

1. SF9’s Rowoon


Rowoon stands at a whopping 191 cm tall. He is the group’s main vocalist and visual.

2. EXO’s Chanyeol


Chanyeol stands tall at 185 cm. He is the rapper of EXO.

3. Victon’s Byungchan


Byungchan is also 185 cm tall. He is a vocalist in the group Victon.

4. UP10TION’s Jinhyuk


Jinhyuk is 185 cm tall and is the main rapper of the group.

5. SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu


Mingyu is 187 cm tall. He is a rapper in the group SEVENTEEN.

6. 2PM’s Taecyeon


Taecyeon is 185 cm tall and is the group’s rapper.

7. TVXQ’s Changmin


Changmin is 185 cm tall. He is the vocalist of TVXQ.

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