These 7 Moments Of BTS’s Jimin Responsibly Drinking Alcohol With BTS Will Make You Realize Why He Put “Drinking” As Part Of His “Happiness List”

Jimin even included “drinking” as a part of his “happiness list”.

Koreans are usually known for their alcohol consumption — it’s actually South Korea who was ranked first as the the country that consumed the most distilled spirits in the world.

Perhaps this is no wonder why K-Pop idols also have a penchant for being alcohol enthusiasts.

One example of this is BTS‘s Jimin who enjoys responsibly drinking several types of alcoholic drinks.

Jimin enjoys drinking alone, but of course, he also enjoys drinking with his close friends like his fellow BTS member, Jungkook.

Jimin’s choice of drink isn’t limited to beer and soju alone: he also knows how to enjoy a good cocktail from time to time.

What’s great about Jimin is his fascination for alcohol is done responsibly.

He knows that BTS is a strong influence to the youth, so while he enjoys drinking, he does it carefully — he even told ARMYs not to take their alcohol jokes seriously.

Jimin admitted to drinking alcohol to get rid of stress in the past…

but now he simply talks to his members to relieve stress. That’s why now, he just enjoys drinking occasionally and tasting different types of alcohol — he even included this in his “happiness list”.

Check out these seven adorable moments when Jimin obviously enjoyed drinking together with his members.


1. It’s better to drink when you’re with great company

This is why Jimin likes to drink beer together with his members — the alcohol tastes better when you’re all together, after all.

2. Enjoying soju with his buddies

Perhaps it’s the alcohol saying this, but because of it, Jimin had the courage to blurt out that he’d really feel encouraged in case his hyung Suga said “I love you” to him, too.

3. There’s something comforting about drinking while your close friends are talking

Jimin has this cute habit sometimes: when starts to drink a whole glass full of alcohol, he tends to continue drinking it…

…until he reaches the last drop and finally finishes all of it.

4. This is more convenient, of course

Just like Suga’s easier way to eat meat, Jimin also has a nice trick up his sleeve.

5. No “hard to open” champagne bottle here

When it comes to opening a bottle of champagne, it’s usually tricky especially if you’re a beginner, but Jimin had no problem popping it open — he was too excited to celebrate with the group.

Since he’s excited to get the celebrations going, he drank his cup and savored it to the last drop.

6. His happiness is caught on camera

7. The group who drinks responsibly together, stays together

You can clearly see here why Jimin included “drinking” as part of his “happiness list”.

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