7 Moments That Perfectly Show Why Red Velvet’s Seulgi Is Nicknamed “Teddy Bear Seulgi”

Seulgi is on fire on stage… but off stage, she’s adorably awkward and just a little bit strange.

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi has tons of charm, sex appeal and talent, but she isn’t always the smoothest when it comes to everyday reactions, leading to her nickname “Teddy Bear Seulgi”. Her fierce on-stage persona is completely different to her off-stage one, and she’s hilariously and adorably awkward, slow to react… and just a little bit strange. Check out some times she showed just how adorable, and strange, she can be!


1. When she confused everyone with her “correct” answer dance.

On Knowing Bros, she responded to the correct answer to the thing she hates the most, being “vegetables”, with this completely uncalled for dance that made everyone think it was incorrect.


2. When she rapped about her lack of skills with her signature “yap yap yap”.

Seulgi showed off her lack of rapping skills by ad-libbing about how boring she was and how no matter how much she tried to be funny, she always failed… this time too!


3. When she was obsessed with ant buttholes.

During Law Of The Jungle in Mexico, Seulgi told fellow participant Kang Julien that she had heard that “if you lick an ant’s butt, it will taste sweet.” He was so startled he asked, “if you eat a what?” and she clarified, “butthole“.

Later she said the exact same thing to Winner‘s Seunghoon, who jokingly chastised her for repeating it, saying, “Hey, they need to live too!”


4. When she surprised Heechul with her strange reaction.

During a skit on Knowing Bros, Heechul‘s face says it all when Seulgi makes her strange announcements.


5. When she failed at this CF

Seulgi is famous for her robot-like acting skills, and she didn’t disappoint when she decided to make a pretend advertisement for Europe. Irene‘s “what is that?” sums it up perfectly.


6. When she ate a sour grape and reacted in the cutest way.

Seulgi’s expressions are legendary – and for good reason! She always reacts in a way that’s a little over-the-top, but it’s always super adorable (and relatable!)


7. When everyone wanted to cuddle with her at ISAC

I mean, come on, who could resist the urge to cuddle with such a Teddy bear?