7 Moments That Prove BTS Doesn’t Play When It Comes To Promoting The Brands They Work With

They take this quite seriously!

We all know just how much power and influence BTS has on the world so it’s no surprise that companies and brands are dying for a chance to work with them. Fans are aware of just how hard-working and serious they are about promoting the brands they work with.

Here’s a compilation of moments that show just how hard they work to promote their partnerships!

1. Phones

The members are known to openly use and promote their Samsung phones in a lot of their content, from social media posts to reality shows.

In their JTBC reality TV program In The SOOP, RM‘s phone was left outside in the rain and you can hear him say, “It’s not broken thank goodness. Samsung for the win.”

2. Promoting is a part of their daily life

Suga, who is known for being a pro at promoting the brands they work with, can be seen showcasing products often.

“My eyes are foggy~ I need Chung Kwan Jang.”

Look at his cute face as he shows the product to the camera!

3. Cars

As the models for Hyundai, they take any chance they can get to talk about it’s features.

“The steering wheel locks because of the lane change prevention system, right?”

Suga is always ready to say something positive about the car!

Jin: It won’t break if I stand on top of it will it?
Suga: Hyundai is not that weak.

4. Coffee

Known to be avid coffee drinkers, here is a perfect example of Suga being a professional model for the cold brew coffee. You can see that he drinks his own hand-drip coffee along with the cold brew!

5. Playing it cool

Here you can see the members promoting the brand in a natural setting.

J-Hope: Wow the fridge is so nice!

Jungkook: I’m going to take this with me later. It’s from Samsung.

Jimin: Wow how can someone make such an amazing refrigerator?

6. Creating their own commercials

They recently became the models for the drink Chilsung Cider and suddenly acted out their own commercial for the drink.

7. King of promoting

Below is a compilation video of Jimin’s comments for their endorsements and it’s just so cute!

How can there be such an amazing fridge? This is an amazing cider drink! Chilsung Cider! Wow it would be great to carry meat around in this when going on a trip. It’s most likely Hello Nature. You can trust the meat at Hello Nature. When you’re thirsty it’s Chilsung Cider.

⁠— Jimin

Well one thing’s for sure! The brands that have partnered with BTS must be really happy with all the promotions they’re getting from them!


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