These 7 Moments Reveal Exactly How Scary BTS’s Jimin Can Be When He Gets Angry Or Upset

Taehyung once said that Jimin’s the scariest when he’s angry, and #8 proves this.

You may think that BTS‘s Jimin doesn’t look intimidating when he’s angry — after all, this face screams adorable, pure, wholesome content that can give you “UWU” vibes, right?

Well, if that’s what you thought, then get ready to have your beliefs questioned!

was right: Jimin is the scariest member of BTS when he gets angry. And here are the receipts to prove it:

1. Look at how upset he got with this young man

The hosts told the young man to apologize to his sister for disrespecting her, but he wouldn’t budge. Jimin stared at him…

…and told him that his behavior was problematic.

He finished off his advice by telling him to reflect on his behavior.

2. J-Hope was lucky that there were cameras around

While V and Jimin were shooting something, Jimin looked happy and bright in front of the camera.

His hyung J-Hope wanted to tease him, so he snatched his bonnet away.

Jimin gave him an intense gaze and it looked similar to how a predator watches its prey, don’t you think?

3. Today’s a good day to get mad at the GPS

He didn’t even give it a chance to defend itself.

4. “Why is he still here?”

At first, he wanted to be civil. They’re shooting an episode and the boy wanted to help him, after all.

But then he started to slowly get annoyed…

Long-time ARMYs will definitely remember this scene when Jimin looked ready to throw hands at the boy.

In the end, he directed his anger towards cleaning the plane instead.

5. When J-Hope couldn’t make it right

J-Hope felt chills and couldn’t help but point out Jimin’s angry look.

6. When the Hyung line kept bothering him

7. Jimin got his chair pulled out and Hulk was born

V was feeling playful that day, but Jimin wasn’t having it.

Jungkook looked low-key terrified of him.

Lesson of the day: Park Jimin can be your cute little mochi especially when he’s being teased about his height.

But when he gets seriously mad, no one would blame you for trying to run away.


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