7 Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents In The Past Year

Although accidents on stage may be embarrassing, these stars dealt with the situation like true professionals!

1. EXID LE’s Double Mic

LE’s mic wasn’t working on this live broadcasting, but she managed to complete her performance without showing any sign of surprise. Later a staff member comes on stage to hand her a new mic which awkwardly leaves her with a mic in each hand! She attempts to hand over the mic to Hani, but fails. Later, she subtly sets down one of the mics during part of the choreography and handles the situation like a boss.


2. TWICE’s Surprise

During their 2017 Dream Concert performance, TWICE’s music suddenly stopped to which the TWICE members took a moment of shock and then proceeded to assure the audience by shouting “Surprise!” and preparing to start the song over again.


3. Lim Chang Jung’s Slow Motion

During his performance for this Hangul Day event, the music suddenly slows down and catches Lim Chang Jung off guard. When it returns to its original tempo, he makes a cute angry gesture at whoever is controlling the music. Then when the music slows down again, Lim Chang Jung slows down with the music making the audience laugh and feel less awkward and then decides to just finish the song without any music.


4. DIA Eunjin’s Bra Slide

Eunjin’s strapless bra continues to slide down her shirt during her performance at this festival in Yeonchon. Failing to get it back into position, she still manages to finish the performance like a true professional.


5. Lovelyz’s Cute Smile

At the 2017 Korea China International Film Awards, the Lovelyz members were put in an uncomfortable situation when the music suddenly cut off. They got through this awkward moment with some cute smiles and support from their fans in the audience.


6. Hong Jin Young’s Thumb Up

At this university performance, Hong Jin Young was experiencing some technical difficulties with the music. She immediately took control of the situation by suggesting that she sing this fast-tempo song acapella! That’s a real thumbs up for this amazing singer!


7. Lee Hi’s Eyebrow

When the music suddenly stops, Lee Hi makes a questioning look with her eyebrows and continues the song as if nothing has happened with the help of her audience!