The 7 Most Legendary Hidden Camera Pranks In K-Pop History

The look on their faces… priceless!

7th – Produce 101 trainees all get scared senseless

During Produce 101 Season 2, the trainees were given time to talk to themselves and reveal their own thoughts.

What they didn’t know was that the mirror in front of them was actually a reflective window, and there was a person dressed up as a ghost behind it.


6th – Brian Joo has no one visit his “fansign”

A victim of Lee Kyung Kyu‘s hidden camera show, Brian Joo was told to hold a fansign at a women’s apparel store. Except no one showed up.

Even when people started to show up, they asked him for fashion advice instead of an autograph.


5th – EXID’s Hani gets tricked by foreigners who can speak Korean

Hani gets tasked with taking the order for 2 foreigners who come into a cafe. Even though her English is definitely not the worst, she has to resort to using body language to try to communicate with them.

That is until they start speaking fluent Korean right in front of her face! Hani’s face turns angry as she realizes she has been tricked this whole time.


4th – Shinhwa’s Jun Jin is a bowling god?!?

Jun Jin and MC Mong went bowling and whenever Jun Jin bowled, he magically got a strike, no matter where the ball initially hits the pins. It turns out it was all thanks to a couple of pranksters in the back, shaking the platform where the pins stand.


3rd – GOT7 gets into a huge fight in front of Yugyeom

Yugyeom showed up late to practice one day and the members of GOT7 all pretended to be furious with him, even though he had a valid reason to be late. Jackson even took off his shirt and shoved JB to make the whole argument seem even more realistic.

In the end, when Yugyeom realized it was all a prank, he couldn’t help but tear up.


2nd – Kim Jong Seo gets caught in a burglary?

An armed robber storms into legendary rocker Kim Jong Seo‘s hair salon, leaving him in a state of shock and a head full of curlers.

That is until it’s revealed the whole thing is a prank, set up by none other than Lee Kyung Kyu.


1st – Sandeul thinks Stefanie Michova has fallen head over heels for him.

During B1A4‘s visit to Los Angeles, the members teamed up with Stefanie Michova to play a prank on Sandeul. Stefanie only shows interest in him, leaving him extremely flustered.

That is until Stefanie’s “boyfriend” comes back and threatens to start a fight, 1 vs 5. He pulls out a gun… a water gun and shoots Sandeul with it, which is when Sandeul realized it was all a joke.


Source: 1boon