Here Are 7 Motivational Messages From ITZY’s “WANNABE”

ITZY’s got your back!

ITZY‘s most recent comeback, “WANNABE”, from the album IT’z ME is still fresh on everyone’s minds. The girls are known for their messages of self-love and standing up for yourself, and this song is no different! The lyrics of “WANNABE” are self-empowering and all about embracing who you are and enjoying yourself in all your individual uniqueness. Here are 7 messages you can take away from the song!

1. Encouraging you to not conform to the expectations of society

It’s me who lives this ’cause it’s my life.

2. Knowing that you can take care of yourself without advice from others

Ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it’s me who takes care of myself.

3. Criticizing people for talking poorly about others, and telling them to look in the mirror themselves

People love to talk about others, why do you care so much about others’ lives?

4. Telling other people to stop getting after you, because you’re independent

Whatever I be it’s up to me, so please.

5. Feeling confident and fearless in your own uniqueness

No matter what they say I’m me, I just want to be me.

6. Being self-loving and self-accepting because you’re perfect just as you are

I don’t have to be anything, because I’m perfect when I’m myself.

7. It’s far better to be yourself than to try to be anyone else

I don’t wanna be somebody, just wanna be me, be me.