These 7 Popular Idols Were Voted As The Celebrities Who Would Make The Best Older Brother

Imagine having these guys as your big brother!

Mnet recently aired a program where they unveiled the seven male idols who were voted as the ones who would make the best older brother.

And every member had a great explanation for why they would make a great older brother.

7. Baekhyun – EXO

Baekhyun is known for his playful and mischievous nature, which would certainly bring a lot of fun interactions in a family.

Additionally, he has previously shown his love for children, publicly supporting a campaign that raised funds for children with leukemia.

6. Youngmin – AB6IX

During Produce 101, Youngmin made a splash with viewers for comforting the other trainees and picking up their trash.

Being praised for having such a nice personality, the leader of AB6IX is viewed as someone who would be the kindest older brother.

5. Shownu – MONSTA X

On the outside, Shownu is one of the buffest idols in the industry, but he is truly a compassionate individual with a heart of gold. It has even been revealed that he split his solo earnings with the other members of MONSTA X.

If you need any evidence for how great Shownu and MONSTA X are with kids, you’ll definitely to watch the episode in Monsta X-Ray where the members become nursery teachers.

Shownu was perceived as someone who would be protective of his younger sibling but would also be kind-hearted to them.

4. Eunwoo – ASTRO

Firstly, if you were related to Eunwoo, you would be blessed with his genetics.

Secondly, if you had Eunwoo as an older brother, you would be fully exposed to his wholesome and respectful personality.

Undoubtedly, the viewers agreed that having Eunwoo as an older sibling would certainly bring a lot of attention and kindness from other people.

3. Jeonghan – SEVENTEEN

All of SEVENTEEN would be awesome with kids, but the voters singled out Jeonghan who is considered the “Mom” of the group.

He is incredibly sweet to the other members and is open with CARATs about his thoughts and personal feelings.

Additionally it’s already known that he is a caring oppa to his younger sister!

2. Jungkook – BTS

Jungkook may be the maknae of BTS, but that hasn’t stopped many people from seeing him as an older brother.

He is charming, sweet and absolutely adores kids! He has been seen multiple times smiling at kids who come to see him at fansigns and has been equally as adoring for kids overseas during BTS’s global tour!

Moments like these is all the more reason why fans hope to see Jungkook hyung interact with TXT.

1. Minhyun – NU’EST

Minhyun was voted as the idol member who would make the best older brother.

Minhyun has impressed fans with his considerate and kind actions. On Let’s Eat Dinner Together, he even prepared fruits and cake, much to the other guest’s surprise and gratitude.

Alongside his sweet interactions with NU’EST and Wanna One as a member, he was voted as someone who would graciously help with chores and shower their younger sibling with gifts.

If only we all had older brothers as fun and kind-hearted as these guys.