7 Popular K-Pop Songs Co-Written/Produced By African-Americans That You Didn’t Know About

These amazing songwriters have gone unnoticed for too long!

It’s Black History Month, everyone! There have been plenty of black individuals contributing to not only history but K-Pop history! Today we want to focus on 8 African-Americans who have given us absolutely iconic bops even though not many people know it.

1. Jayrah Gibson – “Love Me Right” by EXO

| @jayrahgibson/Instagram

Also known as Jarah Gibson and Jarah Lafayette Gibson, he was born in Long Beach, California, to former Motown artist Kitra Williams. He has written/produced perhaps the most amount of K-Pop songs than any other on this list. He is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter who has worked with many A-Listers in both the American and Korean industry.

He also participated in: “20cm” by TXT, “Cupid” by Oh My Girl, “Pour Up” by DEAN, “Queen” by MONSTA X, “Yestoday” by NCT U, and more.

2. Tayla Parx – “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet

| @taylaparx/Instagram

Tayla Parx was born in Dallas, Texas, and is a well-known singer, songwriter, and actress. She truly does it all! As a Grammy nominee and contributor to hundreds of iconic songs, we can’t help but be in love with her work!

She also worked on: “Diamond” by f(x), “Campfire” by Red Velvet, “Mic Drop” by BTS, “Your Song” by BoA, and more.

3. Chikk – “Kick It” by NCT 127

| @thechikkexperience/Instagram

Chikk is an amazingly talented, multi-platinum singer-songwriter who quickly gained success in just her first year of writing. She has made plenty of iconic songs and openly shows her love towards K-Pop.

She also participated in: “Monster” and “Overdose” by EXO, “Mr. Mr.” by Girls’ Generation, “Why” by Taeyeon, “Red Dress” by Red Velvet, and more.

4. Tay Jasper – “1 of 1” by SHINee

| @worldwidejasper/Instagram

Tay Jasper is an avid contributor to both domestic and international music. You can often find his name on some of the hottest songs as his talent spans many different artists’ careers.

He also participated in: “Rookie” by Red Velvet, “Ko Ko Bop” and “Tempo” by EXO, “4 Walls” by f(x), “The 7th Sense” by NCT U, “IDEA” by SHINee’s Taemin, and more.

5. Davey Nate – “Calm Down” by MONSTA X

| @daveynate/Instagram

Davey Nate gives everyone a run for their money as he is constantly contributing to the K-Pop community and has hundreds of songs under his belt. He often talks about his love of Korean culture and food. Chances are, your favorite B-Side could just have been written/composed/produced by him!

He also worked on: “Bing Bing” by AOA, “G.B.T.B.” by VERIVERY, “Poison” by GOT7, “Candyland” by Up10tion, “All Day All Night” by SHINee, and more.

6. Cha Cha Malone – “Twilight” by LOONA (Kim Lip)

| @chachamalone/Instagram

Here’s a secret, you already know Cha Cha Malone; you just haven’t thought about it. Have you ever heard “I need a Cha Cha beat boy?” That’s his iconic producer tag! This multi-platinum singer-songwriter has given us so many great songs and continues to do soo to this day.

He also participated in: “Good Bye Bye” by NU’EST, “SOLO” by Jay Park, “Ride or Die” by EXO’s Kai, and more.

7. The Jackie Boyz (Carlos Battey and Steven Battey) – “Just Right” by GOT7

| Billboard

While they haven’t worked all that much in the K-Pop industry, these two Georgian brothers produced one of the most iconic K-Pop songs for many fans.

They also worked on iKON‘s “M.U.P.”