Here Are The 7 Most Popular “Running Man” Episodes Of All Time

Some of the most iconic guests are a part of these episodes.

Running Man is one of the longest-running variety shows at the moment, where it’s been airing since 2010.

The show has provided great laughter for the audience and has given many memories. Here are the 7 most popular Running Man episodes of all time.

#7. Episode 103 (rating: 22.6%)

This episode gave viewers a good laugh, especially because of Noh Sa Yeon and the humorous elements she brought to the show.

#6. Episode 109 (rating: 22.7%)

Adding two Olympic athletes is never a bad idea for a variety show, especially when it calls itself Running Man. Park Tae Hwan and Son Yeon Jae were big reasons as to why this episode was popular.

#5. Episode 120 (rating: 22.9%)

Having Park Shin Hye and Lee Seung Gi as the guests of a show can never be a bad idea. Viewers were also delighted to see Lee Seung Gi being reunited with Yoo Jae Suk on a variety show.

#4. Episode 133 (rating: 23.1%)

A fun episode where the cast goes traveling to Macau. The cast has quite the adventure there and having people like Lee Dong Wook as a guest doesn’t hurt either.

#3. Episode 119 (rating: 23.3%)

This is an iconic episode because of some extremely famous guests being a part of the show, such as Ryu Hyun Jin. The episode even concludes with a game of baseball, but with Running Man style rules.

#2. Episode 124 (rating: 23.4%)

Some popular people guested in this episode, which were Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo. This episode gave viewers a good laugh, especially when seeing Han Hyo Joo’s more humorous side.

#1. Episode 131 (rating: 23.6%)

This gave some excitement to not only the viewers but to the cast of the show as well. Kim Jong Kook finally met his match, because Choo Sung Hoon was a guest for this episode. The stressful and intense game of ddakji also added great elements to this episode.

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