7 Quotes By Sana That Prove She’s A True Genius

These adorable moments from TWICE‘s Sana are hilarious and strangely brilliant.

1. She fully grasped the concept of water.

Her sincerity is so endearing!

2. She really understands the idol industry.

Of course, like a KPOP start training for KPOP. Adorable!

3. Her streams always grant a bit of insight, especially when she’s around her fellow members.

Sana - TWICE

4. …and she even offers safety advice!

Honestly, this advice is the best.

5. Of course, there is the infamous “desk” moment on KBS‘s Trick and True (Red Velvet‘s Wendy and Irene‘s looks are hilarious!).

Sana - TWICE

Sana - TWICE

So the desk was just a desk?

6. There’s even this Running Man moment is both a brilliant pun and classic Sana wisdom!

7. She really has the whole world nailed down.