Here Are 7 “Would You Rather” Questions That Could Cause Stress For K-Pop Fans

These questions may cause mental breakdowns.

Here are 7 questions that would cause any K-Pop fan to have a mental breakdown, especially those who are multi-stans.

1. Would you rather

Meet your favorite group backstage

or spend 1 day with your favorite member of the group?

2. Would you rather

Get a signed album by all the members of a group

or get 1 member to sign an album personally to you?

3. Would you rather

Be an extra on a music video

or get to go to a fan sign and personally meet all members of a group?

4. Would you rather

Get a choreography taught to you personally

or get personal vocal lessons?

5. Would you rather

Get 4 backseat tickets for your favorite group’s concert

or 1 ticket for a front-row seat?

6. Would you rather

Meet your ultimate favorite group

or meet 5 of your other favorite groups?

7. Would you rather

Have your favorite idol remember your name

or you get a hug from your favorite idol, but they don’t remember you after?