7 Too Real Struggles Of Being The Only K-Pop Fan Among Your Friends

Sometimes being a K-Pop fan is tough, like when you realize that you’re the only one in your circle of friends that likes K-Pop and no one else does! 1. They don’t like when you play K-Pop in the car

Blasting K-Pop in the car is the best way to get turnt while you’re driving, and it’s just not as fun when your friends aren’t as into it as you are.

2. They say all your favorite idols look the same

Sure, sometimes it can be hard to learn the faces of a new group you’ve never seen before, 13 new faces and names (and more names beyond stage names) can be difficult. But they definitely don’t all look the same no matter how pretty they are!

This was iconic hard mode.

3. No reaction when you show them K-Pop MVs

They could at least act excited! But nope, more often than not, when you show non K-Pop fans K-Pop MVs you’re like this:

But your friend is like:

4. TMW your favorite group is coming to your country, and you have no one to go with

Going to a concert alone may not be as fun, but at least you’ll get to meet people who love that group as much as you do when you get there!

5. Talking to your friends about K-Pop is like talking to a wall

Nothing sucks more than going on about your favorite groups for 20 minutes before you realize that your friend stopped listening after the first 5 seconds.

6. When the only K-Pop song your friends know is “Gangnam Style”

Or even worse, when they compare every song you play to “Gangnam Style”.

7. They ask what the “K” in K-Pop stands for

What else would it stand for? It’s not that tough to figure out! Or when someone else asks what K-Pop means, and they say it’s Chinese or Japanese.