7 Reasons Why BTS’s J-Hope Is One Of The Most Balanced K-Pop Idols And Deserves The Title Of “Golden Hyung” In BTS

He’s the complete package.

ARMY’s may know BTS‘s J-Hope for multiple reasons, some for his amazing talents, others may know him for his fun personality.

J-Hope seriously has all the talents in the world and should be recognized for his versatility as a K-Pop idol. Here are 7 reasons why J-Hope is one of the most versatile idols in K-Pop and should be recognized as BTS’s “Golden Hyung“.

1. He’s an amazing dancer

This isn’t a big secret as J-Hope is considered the dance leader of BTS and the other members have never been shy to show love to him.

BTS members selecting their best dancer.

Despite his funny personality, when it comes to dancing, J-Hope gets as serious as anyone and has shown off his great dancing skills multiple times.

2. He’s a great rapper

In addition to his dancing skills, J-Hope is also a great rapper and has been credited multiple times for composing and writing his own lyrics in BTS’s songs. J-Hope also knows how to be creative with his lyrics, where he can diss haters, but also show love to people at the same time.

Source: Jung Hyun Ran/YouTube

3. He’s an underrated vocalist

J-Hope likes to joke around whenever he has to show his vocals and makes it appear as if he can’t sing.

There have been multiple instances of J-Hope showing off that he is quite the competent vocalist and is able to pull off even slower vocal songs, such as “Spring Day”. Here is a compilation of his vocals by the YouTube channel “Park Chim Chim“.

4. He has great stage presence

J-Hope is also talented in drawing viewers and fan’s attention, and getting them more involved with the performance. He knows how to use his talents and facial expressions to make the performance more enjoyable for viewers.

5. He’s absolutely hilarious

J-Hope also knows how to relax when he’s not on stage and give viewers a good laugh with his great sense of humor. J-Hope’s fun personality is definitely a contrast from when he’s performing.

6. He’s kind

J-Hope is also very kind to people, especially towards his member who he considers like family. He’s never been shy to help his members, even if it’s a small deed.

7. He’s leader material

While J-Hope might not be the leader of BTS, he’s considered the choreography leader and is always pushing his members to perfect the choreographies to the best of their abilities. J-Hope’s fun personality goes away once he’s teaching the members anything dance-related and is 100% serious.