Here Are 7 Records BTS Could Possibly Break With Upcoming Album Release

Who’s excited for another year with BTS?

After news of BTS’s comeback this February, media outlets and fans have gone wild with posts and theories on what their new concept would be. Fans have waited ten long months for this comeback so it comes as no surprise the amount of talk that is surrounding the news. In light of the great news, here are some possible records BTS could break with this new album!





1. Highest 24-hour YouTube Music Video Release

Currently holding this title with their “Boy with Luv” track with 74.6M YouTube views in its first 24 hours, there is a high possibility that they can beat their own record with this new album. They previously made this record in 2018 with their song “IDOL” which hit 45.9M views.











2. Highest Ranking On Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Previously, they hit number 8 on this chart with “Boy with Luv” featuring Halsey. There’s no telling with BTS since they always seem to beat records that no one has done before.





3. Korean Artist With The Most Top 10 Hits On Billboard Hot 100

This record seems highly possible considering they already have both “Boy with Luv” and “Fake Love” on this chart. If even just one song from the new album makes it onto this list, they will officially become the group to have the most Top 10 hits on the Hot 100 of any Korean artist!





4. Highest First-week Pre-orders Ever

Map of the Soul: Persona sold 2.68M pre-orders last year just five days after its release. ARMYs are known to always make these goals possible so there is a very big chance that they will make this record happen.





5. First Album To Receive RIAA Platinum Certification

Both their Love Yourself: Answer and Map of the Soul: Persona albums have received gold certification from the RIAA. It is quite possible that this new album will hit another gold certification. Although a bit of stretch, there could be a possibility for this new album to be BTS’s first certified platinum from the RIAA.





6. Most Weeks On Billboard Social 50 Chart

Although they are already on the way to surpassing Justin Bieber’s record at 164 weeks at No. 1, it is just a matter of time before they make this record. BTS is always a highly talked about topic on social media so it won’t take long for it to hit this one considering news of their new album just dropped.





7. Highest first-week U.S. Album Sales

They have already earned the biggest sales week with Map of the Soul: Persona. Their new album can easily break this record with streams and YouTube video views.




ARMYs are you ready for another year with BTS? We certainly are!