7 Signs That Mean K-Pop Has Completely Taken Over Your Life

It’s easy to find yourself falling into the K-Pop fandom. In fact, you might already be a super fan without even realizing it.

While millions of people listen to K-Pop, here are few things that only hardcore K-Pop fans would understand.

1 You check the time in KST

What time is Music Bank on again?

2 You know all the fanchants

Even if you don’t understand what they mean.

3 The word “ships” makes you blush

Especially if it starts with “skin.”

4 You’re learning Korean…sort of

But you use subtitles help fill in the blanks.

5 You know everyone has more than one name.

Rap Monster, RapMon, Kim Namjoon, and Moni are seriously all one person.

6 “Who endorses that again?”

Brands are only as good as their models.

7  You’re always checking Twitter

Airport photos don’t grow on trees!

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