7 Signs That Mean K-Pop Has Completely Taken Over Your Life

It’s easy to find yourself falling into the K-Pop fandom. In fact, you might already be a super fan without even realizing it.

While millions of people listen to K-Pop, here are few things that only hardcore K-Pop fans would understand.

1. You check the time in KST

What time is Music Bank on again?

2. You know all the fanchants

Even if you don’t understand what they mean.

3. The word “ships” makes you blush

Especially if it starts with “skin.”

4. You’re learning Korean…sort of

But you use subtitles help fill in the blanks.

5. You know everyone has more than one name.

Rap Monster, RapMon, Kim Namjoon, and Moni are seriously all one person.

6. “Who endorses that again?”

Brands are only as good as their models.

7.  You’re always checking Twitter

Airport photos don’t grow on trees!