7 Sweet And Caring Messages That Show Just How Much BTS’s V Loves ARMY

Such a soft soul.

Fans of BTS’s V will know that he has a way with words that just hits somewhere deep inside our hearts.

Although there are tons of emotional and sweet V moments, let’s take a look at some of his most heartwarming messages to ARMY!

1. Once-in-a-lifetime relationship

During his ending speech at the 2017 The WINGS TOUR SAITAMA, he expressed how much he missed ARMYs. “I exist because of ARMY. I can grow because of ARMY. I can’t be separated from ARMY, because we are a once-in-a-lifetime relationship. The cherry blossoms seemed to have bloomed because I miss you, who I met last spring.”

2. Beautiful like the sea

V’s messages are always heartfelt and genuine as he expresses his love for ARMY. “ARMY I missed you! Today you guys are beautiful just like the sea. Today we can’t see the top, Ah you can? The moon is pretty. Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing memory. I really love you ARMY. Let’s meet again soon. Borahae!”

3. All eyes on ARMY

V’s most important pride and joy is ARMY and his only wish is to make us happy. “It’s because of you all that I was able to finish the concert happily without any heat. It’s my first time in Shizuoka, but the moon is really beautiful. The eyes of ARMY that are looking at me are also beautiful.”

4. His true heart

V reveals that it is hard to express how much ARMYs means to him. “Let me explain how much I love all of you. It’s winter, right? I want to give each and every ARMY gloves when it snow, an umbrella when it rains, and a padding jacket when it’s cold. This is my heart.”

5. Distance doesn’t matter

During the Brazil concert video footage, V reveals that he wants to remember both day and night of Brazil ARMYs regardless of the 12 hour time difference. “If it’s morning for us it’s night for them. I want to remember both the morning and night so I hope ARMYs will also remember our morning and nights too.”

6. Nothing more beautiful than ARMY

It doesn’t matter how far and wide V searches, ARMYs are the most beautiful in his eyes. “I’ve traveled to many different countries and have met a lot of ARMYs but there isn’t anything more beautiful than ARMY. There isn’t anything that looks more beautiful. I haven’t found it yet.”

7. Like a tree

V compares his love for ARMYs by expressing the fans as the tree. “If ARMYs are a tree than I will be the root because the root is an essential part of the tree.”

These moments prove that V is not just visuals but a truly genuine and kind soul that loves nothing more than to be with ARMY!

Source: theqoo


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