7 “Teacher Hobi” Moments From Under Nineteen

ARMY wishes Hobi was their teacher.

In the latest episode of the MBC survival show “Under Nineteen”, we got to see what BTS J-Hope is like as a mentor.

These moments tell us all we need to know about what kind of teacher Hobi is.

#1 – A teacher who brings snacks for his students

Hobi made sure his students were well taken care of by bringing them snacks once he arrived.

#2 – A teacher who is proud of his students

J-Hope isn’t afraid to smile while observing Sangmin perform his part, he was proud of him for performing so admirably.

#3 – A teacher who playfully chastises his students

J-Hope isn’t afraid to playfully scold Sangmin who lined up in the wrong position for the “Fake Love” chorus.

#4 – A teacher who isn’t afraid to express himself

J-Hope opened up and allowed his students to know what the song “Fake Love” meant to him and BTS.

#5 – A “hands-on” teacher

J-Hope himself got on the dance floor to show his students how to perform Fake Love.

#6 – A teacher who invented the syllabus

J-Hope was particularly strict about making sure his part was done right!

#7 – A teacher who is full of sage advice

J-Hope gave the trainees some advice on how to practice efficiently for their performance.

I bet A.R.M.Y wish Hobi was their teacher after seeing him in action.