7 Things Every Couple Needs To Try Together, According To Koreans

These activities can help you take your relationship to the next level!

Making a bucket list with your partner can be romantic in itself, but it is also a great way to strengthen your bond with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with! Here are 7 things that Koreans recommend couples to try together:


1. Enjoy a concert together

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Listening to music at home and at a concert is like night and day! Going to a concert to enjoy great music and an even greater atmosphere is the perfect way to create wonderful memories with your partner! Try going to a concert that plays “your song” and it will become that much more special!


2. Treat your partner to breakfast in bed

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Is there anything more romantic than being served breakfast in bed by your lover? Make an average day special by surprising your loved one with breakfast in bed to make them feel extra special.


3. Go on a road trip

The pleasures of travel vary by the destination and mode of transportation. Taking off in a car is perfect for those seeking a romantic adventure! Simply listening to music and chatting in the car can make new couples become close more quickly!


4. Meeting your partner’s parents

Although many are hesitant to meet their partner’s parents due to intimidation, it is a good way to become more serious with the one you love. Make sure to show your true self when meeting the parents!


5. Cooking together

Cooking is always fun, but even more fun if you are cooking with someone you care for deeply! Learning and teaching each other your own tips will most definitely bring a couple closer together. Rather than eating out, why not stay in and spend time together making a delicious and healthy meal?


6. Watch your favorite movies

Watching your partner’s favorite movie is the easiest way to understand more about the person. Although it may not be your style, try taking some time to learn more about your partner! Get in your couple PJs, cuddle up and Netflix!


7. Mario Kart of love

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They say this game is the ultimate method to find out your partner’s real personality! The most recent “Mario Kart 8” was even ranked #1 in the best games for couples.

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