7 Things To Love About 218 Bros, SEVENTEEN’s DK And VERNON

They deserve all the love everyday, but most especially today!

The “218 Bros,” SEVENTEEN‘s DK and VERNON are celebrating their birthday today! To celebrate with them, here are 7 things to love about them!

1. Their friendship

DK and Vernon have developed a strong bond throughout the years of training with each other, to finally making their debut as idols, and until know as they live their life fulfilling their dreams, and having new ones.

2. They are talented

Both DK and Vernon are talented and have developed their skills through their pre-debut training, and of course, constant practice! DK has improved his singing skills throughout the years of being an idol and especially after he underwent training as a musical actor and made his musical debut with a lead role.

Similarly, Vernon has always been praised for his amazing rap flow and skills. He continues to improve every comeback and he is also expanding his lyric writing talent and has also started participating in composing songs.

3. They aren’t afraid to be themselves

DK and Vernon have relatively different personalities, however, they compliment and get together along well. They both aren’t afraid to express themselves truly, like how DK is always open to showing his hidden talents in variety shows, and how Vernon doesn’t care about what other people say about him, so he dresses up in his own style, not being afraid of expressing his fashion sense, which he does well, by the way!

4. They share the same brain cell

Although they seem to have different personalities, DK and Vernon click really well too, and there are times when they become one. And at times when they do become one, it gets pretty chaotic in the best way possible!

5. They are both genuine people

Similar to how they both aren’t afraid to be themselves, both DK and Vernon are people who live life genuinely. DK is never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and express his true feelings, while Vernon always expresses that he lives his life as he wants it to, and that he doesn’t care about what other people have to say about him.

6. They have the best reactions

If SEVENTEEN were ranked according to memeable-ness, it would be a close fight between DK and Vernon for the top spot!! They both always have the most exciting and the funniest facial expressions when they are laughing especially with their members!

7. They are inspirations

They have experienced difficult moments at a young age that have made them stronger, and that have molded them to the people they are now. There are much to learn from both DK and Vernon about life., but here’s one thing to learn from each of them: From DK, we can learn to always see the bright side of things, and from Vernon we learn that we shouldn’t conform to the standards society has set, but instead, we should live in our own style and ways.