7 Things You Never Knew About About BTS RM, That’ll Leave You Crying For BTS’s Leader

RM is truly a passionate, caring and responsible leader!

RM has shown on multiple occasions that he is fit to be the leader of BTS. He not only has an incredibly big heart and mature personality, but he is also extremely caring and puts his thoughts and opinions carefully into each and every question he receives. He has also gone through many hardships but continues to maintain a positive mind towards every situation.

1. His professional attitude surpasses physical pain

When RM severely sprained his ankle during a concert, he could have easily avoided the risk of getting more injured by not going back up on stage. When he was faced with the decision, however, he did not hesitate to say that he had to finish his performances, showing true professionalism.

He put on a brave face and presented an extraordinary performance until the end despite his injury.

2. He is always thinking about his members

RM is always thinking about the BTS members even when they aren’t together and his love for them is always so touching.

3. He is very sensitive towards hate comments

RM once confessed that he had spent 5 hours, even 5 days thinking about hate comments like “I hate him” that were written in 5 seconds. He also said the most hurtful comment he ever heard was “leave Bangtan”.

4. His love for BTS is too touching

When Bang Si Hyuk asked him to choose between a solo career or BTS, he answered BTS without a moment’s hesitation.

5. He takes care of every last member

When J-Hope had left the group before their debut, RM did everything he could to bring him back and firmly believed that J-Hope was a crucial part of their group. Thankfully, he and the other members were able to convince the agency to bring him back.

6. He stood up for his passion despite opposition from family

He had to hide the lyrical pieces he wrote to avoid getting in trouble with his mother, who wanted him to study. She had even ruined his computer and broke his mic to get him to focus on his studies. Eventually, he confronted his mother and convinced her by asking whether she prefers a son who was in 1st place or a son who was in the 5000th place. His persistence in not giving up his dream is what brought him to where he is at now.

7. His love and consideration for his fans often makes them cry

He never forgets to mention ARMY first and foremost when BTS receives any award.