7 Things You Never Knew About About BTS V, That’ll Make You Cry Ugly Tears

V has overcome his hardships with the help of his fellow BTS members.

BTS‘s V connects with people easily through shared laughter, so he has a lot of friends! He’s loyal and fun-loving, but takes his career seriously and can be very hard on himself. Although he has talent, fame and some amazing friendships, he hasn’t always had it easy. Here are some things about V that might just break your heart.

1. He is super forgiving, even when others do him wrong

During a live broadcast, V told a heartbreaking childhood story. He said that when he was in elementary school he had a friend who invited V to his birthday party, but didn’t tell V the location. The friend made him wait three hours in the street until he answered the phone. V said he cried on the way home, and found out later the friend was jealous of his ability to get along with others. The friend apologized and V forgave him – and the two have met since his debut. V even paid for his friend’s coffee when they met!

2. He’s not afraid to show his emotions

During an episode of Burn The Stage, V seemed to instigate an argument with Jin about the choreography in one of the songs – right before they were due to go on stage. While V and Jin both wouldn’t drop the issue, Jin apologized when the rest of the members interjected. RM chided them for their timing and lack of resolution, and Jimin said they were both wrong. When they talk about the problem afterwards, V cried as he acknowledged his faults.

3. He has so much love for his friends… and is too humble

V showed his sincere love for his friends when he when he read out a letter he had written for Jimin. He acknowledged everything Jimin does for him, and said he knows he is lacking but understands and appreciates the love he has received. “I love you, friend!” Awww! When Jimin explained how much he had learned from V, V started crying!

4. He stopped a fan from crying by making a fool out of himself

He loves interacting with fans, and won’t hesitate to be silly to get some laughs. When a fan began crying in front of him at a fan sign, he had an instant solution! For the sake of his fans, he will happily disparage himself.

5. He dedicated his win at Music Bank to his grandma, who passed away before she could hear it

At a fan meeting in 2016, V got teary-eyed when he explained to fans why he had seemed unwell lately. His paternal grandmother had passed away while BTS was promoting in the Philippines. And his grandma had been like a parent to him, because she raised him for 13 years.

He had done a special shout out to his grandmother when BTS won first place at Music Bank, and had planned on surprising her through a special way on television, but she passed away before he was able to do so.

6. He loves kids and is super cute with them

When a young fan wandered right up to him at a fan meeting, V didn’t hesitate – he picked her up and put her straight on his lap!

7. He has learned to love his trials

Although he hasn’t always had it easy, V has learned a lot from his hardships. During the final episode of Burn The Stage, he was quoted as saying, “I have learned to look back and appreciate my times of trial, because they’re also what made me.