7 Things South Korea Does Better Than Anyone Else

Have you ever wondered what this technologically advanced nation does better than any other country in the world? From industries to lifestyle, take a look at where South Korea dominates.

1. Flight Attendants

South Korean airlines are preferred amongst travelers for the impeccable in-flight service that the beautiful, and well-trained flight attendants provide.

Image: Blog

2. Plastic Surgery

World-renowned for their plastic and/or cosmetic surgery services, South Korean surgeons are known to do some of the best work around, creating a marketplace for “medical tours” in South Korea.

Image: Gavin Kealy

3. Working Hard & Drinking Hard

South Koreans reportedly work almost 10 hours in excess of the average indicated by OECD. Furthermore, heavy drinking is a part of Korea’s work culture, without negatively affecting productivity.

Image: Graham Hills

4. Credit Card Use

South Korea has topped the rankings in terms of credit card use by the general populace and has continued to do so in the past half decade (with 1.5 transactions to every 1 US transaction).


5. Gaming

Not only is Starcraft, Overwatch, and Leauge of Legends crazy popular in South Korea, you can actually make a highly lucrative career by playing these games well.

6. Cosmetics

Given the country’s obsession and emphasis on physical beauty, it would make sense that South Korea would be a leader in cosmetics innovation.

Image: KAvenyou

7. Internet Connectivity

With an 80%+ rate of internet penetration across the country, South Korea exhibits the highest rate of internet connectivity in the world, with technology being an integral part of everyday life.

Image: Digital Trends