7 Things You Might Hear Korean Girls Say At A Club…And What They Really Mean

Sometimes, she’s just not that into you.

1. “I have to go to the bathroom”

She might have to really go to the bathroom but chances are she’s just not interested. She’s just using this as an excuse to get away from you. This is the most frequently used excuse at clubs to get away from creeps.

2. “My friend is waiting…”

This just means that she’s just not interested and would rather go back to dancing with her friends.

3. “I’ll dance with you”

She’s interested but this is only stage one. If you play your cards right on the dance floor, you might be able to get her number.

4. “I am going to go home early”

She will most likely say this when you offer her a drink. What it means is that she’s just not interested in you and you should leave her alone.

5. “I just got here”

She’s probably already been there for a while but even if that’s true she’s trying to hint to you that she’d rather spend her time alone than with you.

6. “Hold on, let me ask my friend”

She’s most likely interested in you. She just wants to consult with her friend first before making any decisions.

7. “Let’s go dance”

The difference between this one and number 3 is that she is making the first move and is definitely interested in you!

Source: Dispatch