7 Things You Should Never Do After A Night Drinking In Korea

All drinkers must know these tips!

Drinking is a huge part of Korea’s night culture with office workers having at least one “company dinner” each week!


They drink to celebrate good news, to relieve stress, to overcome sorrow or in any situation, actually.

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According to Time Magazine, South Koreans consume 11.2 shots of hard liquor each week making them the world’s biggest consumers of hard liquor!


Here are some tips on what NOT to do after drinking for your health:


1. Taking a shower or going into the sauna

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Many people take a cold shower or get  into the sauna to sober up, but going in a sauna disturbs the built-up heat in the body from being released and can cause severe vomiting or loss of consciousness and lead to fainting. Taking a cold shower also interferes with the supply of glucose and contracts blood vessels causing blood vessel rupture or colds.


2. Taking medication to speed up the sobering process

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Medicine that is supposed to help you sober up relieve symptoms of intoxication for a short period of time, but in actuality, it prolongs the period of your intoxication. Rather than taking medication, it is much better to drink lots of water or orange juice to replenish vitamin C  and maintain your blood sugar levels.


3. Sleeping with the electric blanket on

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If people with heart or cerebrovascular conditions such as high blood pressure or angina use the electric blanket after drinking, their blood pressure may rise and aggravate their condition. If you are feeling cold after drinking alcohol, it’s best to grab a blanket or stay warm by drinking warm water.


4. Exercising

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Alcohol triggers a diuretic action and therefore, may cause dehydration by stimulating urine output. Producing sweat by exercising increases the likelihood of exacerbating dehydration. Swimming after drinking is even more dangerous as it causes the body to release more heat and may lead to symptoms such as dizziness, fainting due to low blood sugar or pain and a numbing sensation in the thighs.


5. Taking anti-inflammatory drugs

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Taking anti-inflammatory drugs after alcohol intake may bring about an infection that is difficult to treat. If you must take a fever reducer, it’s best to take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen the following day.


6. Drinking coffee or strong tea

Source: Complete Wellbeing

Tea speeds up the heart rate and has a negative effect on the kidney. Coffee also absorbs alcohol rapidly and therefore, may have a negative impact on the liver and cause acute gastritis.


7. Sleeping right away

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After a night out drinking, it is a good idea to wash your face with cold water and rest for awhile before going to bed. It’s even better if someone could provide you with warm water or honey tea every two hours during your sleep until you are completely sober.

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