7 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was The Ultimate Professional When Things Went Wrong On Stage

She brushes every mishap off like nothing went wrong.

No matter how hard idols prepare for their stages, they can’t prepare for when things go unexpectedly wrong. That’s why it’s so impressive when BLACKPINK’s Rosé brushes off stage mishaps like they’re no bother at all. Here are 7 times she was the ultimate professional.

1. When her rings got stuck

During this performance of “As If It’s Your Last”, the rings Rosé was wearing kept getting caught on dress.

As soon as she got the chance, she deftly pulled them off and threw them away before carrying on the performance.

2. When her earring fell off

While performing “Forever Young”, one of Rosé’s hoop earrings fell off out of nowhere.

She kept her eye on it, then as soon as the choreo allowed, she kicked it out of the way.

3. When she signaled to staff

Rosé has been seen signaling instructions to the audio staff numerous times. During this performance of “Don’t Know What to Do”, note how she points to her in-ear, indicating that the volume needs to be altered.

She did the same thing with her microphone in another performance too.

4. When she ignored her outfit falling apart

Things weren’t going well for Rosé during this performance of “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du”. Not only did the clasp on her top come apart, her mic pack fell down too.

But in true Rosé fashion, that didn’t stop her from giving an amazing performance.

5. When her necklace detached

BLACKPINK’s staff definitely need to do a better job of securing the members’ clothing and accessories. In another “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du” performance, Rosé’s necklace clasp broke.

But within seconds of it breaking, Rosé pulled it straight from her neck and tossed it behind her.

6. When she cleared the way

While performing “Boombayah”, Rosé noticed something lying on the stage floor that she or her fellow members could’ve slipped on.

She only had a few seconds to clear it away, but that’s all she needed. Rosé quickly threw the object behind her where it wouldn’t get in anyone’s way.

7. When she bumped into Jennie

During this “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du” performance, Rosé accidentally bumped into Jennie. Note how she braced both herself and Jennie to make sure neither of them fell while they both carried on performing like professional queens.