7 Times BLACKPINK Threw Shade At YG Entertainment For Not Letting Them Release New Music

Jennie said what she felt had to be said.

BLACKPINK is one of the most well-known girl groups in the world. Even with less than twenty official songs under their belt, they’re powerful and talented enough to shatter records and gain a dedicated following.

Despite this, there are moments where they feel just as anxious as fans to release more music. So, here’s seven times the members threw some shade straight at their company YG Entertainment.

1. Two Comebacks A Year

During Jisoo and Jennie‘s appearance on Running Man, the two sent a message to their company about what was on their minds. At first, the two were too shy and cutely held back. With Jisoo’s urging, Jennie conveyed their feelings, “Help us release two comebacks a year.”

To make sure they got their point across, Jisoo held two fingers up and cutely put her hands on her hips like she was squaring up for a fight. Smiling, she said, “We should do that now.”

2. Jisoo The Jokester

Toward the end of one of their concerts, Jisoo had to deliver some hilariously shady news. She started saying the announcement calmly, “From [the] few songs we have, only a few songs are left.” By the end of saying it, Jisoo burst into laughter along with the audience of BLINKs.

3. Touring Taking Top Priority

When Lisa headed to Thailand for promotional events for Moonshot, she didn’t hold back in her honesty. An interviewer essentially asked her how she spends her days. While other artists are always mentioning how they’re working on music all the time, Lisa confessed, “Well, after [a] concert, there’s really nothing to do.”

4. BLACKPINK Not In The Studio

Following Lisa’s more recent words above, this iconic moment from one of their live broadcasts could never be forgotten. In the middle of their discussion, Lisa boldly announced, “[It’s] hard to see BLACKPINK in [the] studio.”

None of the members had been expecting the hilariously straightforward statement. Jisoo covered her face with her hands and laughed while the rest of them didn’t quite know how to react.

5. Forgetting What A Comeback’s Like

Fans aren’t the only ones who get caught up in their feelings when BLACKPINK doesn’t make comebacks often. When they’d finally made one after a long time, even Rosé could feel a difference, “So, this is what a comeback feels like.”

Right after saying that, it was clear how excited she was to finally be back, releasing new music and being able to see BLINKs. Just look at Rosé’s bright smile.

6. Jennie Pointing Out Their Song Count

At the end of a concert, Jennie didn’t want to say goodbye to all their fans spread out before them in the audience. She wanted to make the concert even longer, except there was something stopping her. In the funniest yet shadiest way, Jennie said, “I wanna do like ten more songs, if I had any.”

7. From Two Comebacks To One

Followed by Jennie’s most iconic act of shade-throwing, the last entry is her most recent. When asked what she wants to achieve in the new year by Vogue Korea, there was only one thing on her mind. Rather than hoping for two like before, Jennie stated, “A comeback with an album. That’s it.”

While BLACKPINK has many valuable opportunities, the one thing they want seems to be the one thing that’s hardest to get. Since the girls have all mentioned how hard they’ve recently been working on new music, maybe everyone will still get to hear it this year, as they originally planned.