7 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Us How To Rock An All Black Outfit

She is the queen of black outfits!

Black is a color that is easy to pair with anything and that is easy to style. Because black is a versatile color, fashion items in black can easily help you go for a look you want, from casual to classy.

Here are 8 times Jennie wore all-black outfits that inspired us to step-up our fashion game!

1. On the stage

Jennie is wearing an all black mini dress with silver jewelry.

2. At the airport

Jennie dresses up in all black at the airport and doesn’t forget the key points of her outfit that day, glasses and the belt!

3. Girly vibes at the airport

Jennie looks classy wearing a black dress with a few hints of white.

4. Looking classy at the airport

Jennie wears a black turtle neck and layers a black blazer on top to keep her fashionably warm throughout her trip!

5. Back on the stage!

With the right amount of accessories, Jennie manages to make this outfit look very stylish!

6. A mix of casual and formal

Jennie opts to go use black accessories with an all-black outfit! She is seen wearing a necklace to make her outfit look more put together and stylish! She is sporting a blazer with jogger pants and gives a mix and match of casual and formal styles!

7. On the table

Jennie posted a photo of her sitting on a table wearing an all black outfit. Her figure looks even better as it is with the way she is sitting down! She is sporting a trendy top and as expected, looks sexy in it.