7 Times Boy Groups Had The Sexiest Dances That Stopped Our Hearts

Ah yes, #6.

The word “sexy” often pertains to K-Pop girl group concepts. That is not to say, however, that boy groups can’t be seductive either.

From their facial expressions to their dances, check out some of the sexiest boy group performances below!

1. SEVENTEEN – Good To Me

SEVENTEEN can pull off any concept with ease. With the stage’s low lighting and the member’s carefully sexy moves, they made a powerful concept almost flirtatious.

2. EXO – Love Shot

An iconic song all over, EXO‘s “Love Shot” doesn’t just feature Kai in cropped tops, but a sexy wave to go with the addictive chorus. With their “come-hither” expressions, “Love Shot” was a superior era.

3. BTS – Let Go

BTS usually features powerful dances, but they can pull off sexy anytime. “Let Go” is a great example of this: a side track oozing with charm. Body waves, seductive looks, and charisma, it’s got everything!


What happens when you put powerful dancers in charge of a sexy song? Everything epic. SEVENTEEN again proves that they can do any concept, putting together sharp moves right before the seductive ones.

5. Cross Gene – Amazing Bad Lady

Cross Gene actually had to change their dance routine when they performed “Amazing Bad Lady” live. Their “crotch dance” was a bit too much for live performances, at least according to music shows.

6. HISTORY – Might Just Die

HISTORY‘s “Might Just Die” featured abs, abs, and abs. What’s there to say? The members got on their knees, pulled up their shirts, and just went for it.


Finally, UNIQ literally made waves with “EOEO”. The song is supposed to be reminiscent of an ambulance’s siren, and fans all thought of calling one when they saw the wave choreography.