7 Precious Times When BTS’s Jungkook’s Protective Side Came Out While Taking Care Of Jimin

Only a true friend would do #4 to you, don’t you think?

The friendly interactions between BTS‘s Jungkook and Jimin make millions of ARMYs soft.

Despite being the youngest in the group, Jungkook loves to playfully tease his hyung, Jimin, because he mentioned that he loves his reaction.

And even though he’s slightly older than Jungkook, Jimin couldn’t help but accidentally show his aegyo every time the younger member teases him about his height.

Perhaps this is the reason Jungkook loves to take care of Jimin so much?

Is it because he sees Jimin’s adorable mochi cheeks every time Jungkook starts teasing him?

We may not know the reason for sure, but we do know that Jungkook’s protective side comes out every time he’s taking care of Jimin.

Here are seven adorable moments where Jungkook’s playful moments transform into caring moments for Jimin.

1. Helping him get on the slide

All it took was one slight pat on the back from Jimin, and Jungkook instantly turned around…

…went over to his side…

…and join him on the slide so that he could depart safely.

2. Massaging his fingers and helping him warm up

Jungkook didn’t just stop at one finger, mind you.

He was truly concerned about Jimin’s warming up routine that he took the time to massage each finger gently and carefully as possible.

3. Comforting him

All the members went near Jimin’s side to comfort him…

…but only Jungkook held his neck and massaged it to express that he’s simply there to comfort him.

4. Helping him up the chair…

…and falling down with him in the whole process.

Finally, once Jungkook managed to regain his footing, he fixed the chair and assisted Jimin in standing up, too.

5. Holding the mic for Jimin during his speech

Throughout the entirety of Jimin’s speech, Jungkook simply held his mic for him — even though it took a few seconds — so that Jimin can comfortably speak.

6. Checking him after he got hit by a shuttlecock

All the members laughed after Jimin was hit by a shuttlecock, but Jungkook approached him right away as he was concerned for his safety.

7. Comforting Jimin while he’s crying