7 Times BTS’s Jungkook Silently Proved He Was A Gentleman

Even with all of his fame, Jungkook is still humble.

The resident “evil maknae” of BTS is secretly not so evil after all. In fact, Jungkook is a perfect gentleman—and he deserves plus points for unfailingly doing good deeds behind the scenes. Here are 7 times Jungkook silently proved he’s a gentleman!

1. When he expressed how much he appreciates his hyungs through the lyrics of “Begin”

The song “Begin,” Jungkook’s solo song in the 2016 album Wings, gives homage to the other members of BTS in the line:

Love you my brother. Thanks to my brothers (hyungs).

— Jungkook

2. When he helped coil up wires

In the 2017 MAMA Awards, when the staff members’ hands were full with cameras, cue sheets, and other technical equipment, Jungkook stepped up by helping coil up the wires.

3. When he picked up a light bulb and put it back in its proper place

In the 2017 Melon Music Awards, Jungkook picked up a loose light bulb on stage while walking out and placed it back in its proper position.

4. When he helped pick up trash left on the floor

In the Idol Star Athletics Championships held in 2017, Jungkook helped the staff pick up garbage left on the floor of the facility.

5. When he helped clean up water on the floor

While waiting for the results on stage in M Countdown, Jungkook helped the staff clean water that spilled on the floor.

6. When he takes care of his juniors

In the same day he helped clean up water in M Countdown, Jungkook showed warmth to fellow label mates TXT, hugging them and taking care of them like a brother.

7. When he greets fans warmly

Jungkook always greets ARMYs on stage after concerts and awards ceremonies by bowing 90 degrees to them.


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