7 Times CHUNGHA Slayed Her Stage Outfits

She knows how to work them!

Every fan would know that CHUNGHA‘s outifits has always been the best of the best! From airport fashion, casual fashion, to stage fashion, she has slayed them all! Here are some of the many stage outfits she slayed!

1. Loud and clear

She is wearing a loud patterned top with shiny designs on it. She looks comfortable in the outfit and gave her all when she performed in this!

2. Angel-like beauty

CHUNGHA wore an all white outfit with touches of silver accessories. The lights flashing on her makes her shine and look like a real angel!

3. Simple and dazzling

CHUNGHA is wearing a neutral colored top and simple black bottoms. She is wearing a very simple outfit, yet she still manages to stand out and look elegant and dazzling!

4. Fiery Red

She isn’t afraid to experiment on colors and sports a very vibrant red on stage! CHUNGHA can definitely wear anything and still pull it off!

5. Bold in violet

CHUNGHA stands out in her vivid violet colored top with a loud and very noticeable style!

6. Statement blazer

CHUNGHA sported a statement blazer in this outfit. She paired a neutral top with minimal designs and wore a shiny bronze-colored blazer on top to give her look more lively!

7. Glowing in white

There’s something about CHUNGHA in the color white that makes her natural glow shine even more! White definitely looks good on her!