7 Times EXO D.O.’s Astigmatism Made His Life Much Harder Than It Needs To Be

Why can’t he wear glasses all the time?

If you are an EXO-L, you know EXO’s D.O. has severe astigmatism that can’t be correct with contact lenses. He even explained it himself on Knowing Brothers in 2017.

My astigmatism is really bad but contact lenses are too uncomfortable and I can’t wear glasses on stage so I make this face ofter.

— D.O.

For those who are not familiar with this information, here are 9 examples to help you understand D.O. is only trying to see the world through his astigmatism. 

1. He just wanted to see the screen.

2. He was just reading a fan’s message but Cultwo got scared.

3. Again, he is just looking at the monitor.

4. We swear he doesn’t want to fight anyone on stage.

5. He’s not about to cry or mad at anyone.

6. Just reviewing his scenes with the director.

7. Having fun at a fan meeting!