7 Times Fans Were Able To Get A Glimpse At BTS’s Wallpapers

Why so serious, V?

Many fans have BTS photos set as their wallpapers, but what’s on BTS’s devices? Here are 7 times BTS revealed their wallpapers to the world!

1. Why so serious, V?

A fansite got more than they expected when they snapped this photo of BTS! If you look closely, you can see Jungkook‘s wallpaper.

Jimin (left), Jungkook (center), and Suga (right)

It’s a photo of V, who’s channeling his inner Joker!


2. Guess who?

The familiar face on Jimin‘s phone screen is none other than…



3. When Jungkook took self-love to the next level

While watching Jungkook’s video log, eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed that Jungkook had his own selfie set as his lock screen.

Jungkook | BANGTANTV/Youtube

Could he be any cuter?

| @bts_twt/Twitter

4. Exposed by Vante

When V, aka Vante, snapped this photo of J-Hope, he also captured the wallpaper on J-Hope’s computer. The artist in the photo is Tinashe, whom J-Hope was a big fan of at the time.

J-Hope | Vante & @bts_twt/Twitter

5. Great minds think alike

J-Hope isn’t the only Tinashe fan in BTS! During a live broadcast, fans spotted Tinashe on RM’s phone.

RM | V Live
Tinashe | RCA Records

6. The cutest cameo

V’s fansite ended up capturing two stars in one photo!

V’s lock screen was a photo of child actor Song Min Guk from the variety show The Return of Superman. 

Song Min Guk

7. BONUS: Worldwide Wallpaper

Back in 2016, Jin set his own photo as his computer’s wallpaper then shared it with the world via Twitter.

Jin | @bts_twt/Twitter


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