7 Times “Fans” Threw Objects On Stage And Hit Their Idols

Jennie tried to stop it from hitting her.

Concerts are great places for idols and fans to connect with each other, singing and dancing along to their discography. For some, however, the highlight of the night is when the objects they throw connect with the idol’s face or body.

Here are 7 times “fans” threw objects on stage and subsequently shocked their artists.


1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie


The BLINK seemed to throw a stuff toy at Jennie while she was seated at the edge of the stage. She tried to block the toy from coming at her, having seen it thrown her way.

2. Seventeen’s Jeonghan


Not only did a concert-goer throw a phone at Seventeen, but she also succeeded in hitting Jeonghan with a paper ball. Luckily, he was more shocked than hurt.


3. Kang Daniel

While it was unclear what exactly hit Daniel, it hurt his wrist so much that he held it after bowing with WANNA ONE.


4. EXO’s Baekhyun

Another stuff toy was thrown at Baekhyun, but unlike Jennie his back was toward the fan and so he couldn’t foresee being hit. He was frozen in shock for a second, but soon put on his smile for EXO-Ls in the venue.


5. EXO’s Baekhyun (Again)

Baekhyun seems to be a prime target as he was hit yet again with a flying object. Like with the previous example, he made sure to put a smile on his face as he recovered from the hit.


6. BTS’s J-Hope


BTS‘s J-Hope was hit with a paper face while greeting fans. It landed on his eyebrow while he least expected it, holding his face for a second before recovering.

7. BTS’s Jin

Finally, Jin was hit straight on the head with a yellow object. He appeared less than amused with the act, standing straight in place with a sad look on his face.

As fans mostly throw things at their idols to gain attention, it happens repetitively no matter what group or when.