7 Times Hui Was The Toughest Third Wheel You’ve Ever Seen

Being in a trio group, when the other two are dating can’t be easy…

After news broke that Hyuna and E’Dawn were dating, it became evident that Hui was one of the toughest 3rd wheels ever. It can’t be easy when your two other members are dating each other in secret… Here are some of Hui’s strongest moments!


1. When Hui was stuck in the car with HyunA and E’Dawn for hours on their way to Chuncheon

Hui just happened to be the designated driver for their romantic trip to Chuncheon to see cherry blossoms (an activity often enjoyed by couples) and more! While it may not have been the most exciting trip for Hui, he successfully kept a huge smile on his face!


2. When Hui got every single question wrong

When the Triple H members played a game of “1 quiz 1 voice” that revealed if they had similar preferences, Hui answered the opposite of Hyuna and E’Dawn every single time. Between “pizza” and “chicken”, Hui chose “chicken” while both HyunA and E’Dawn chose “pizza”, which earned him cold stares from both of them.

Between “dipping” or “pouring sauce”, Hui alone chose “pouring” and earned him a second round of cold stares.

But that didn’t stop Hui from going at it again! This time, the question was “Hui” or “E’Dawn” and Hui alone chose “E’Dawn”. HyunA was so frustrated that the basketball net on her head even fell off!


3. When E’Dawn expressed his affection for HyunA on a broadcast

(HyunA) noona, are you doing well? It’s been so long since the last time we saw each other. Noona, are you doing well?

ㅡ E’Dawn


4. When fans were getting uncomfortable with HyunA’s “sexual behavior” with E’Dawn

Hui was probably uncomfortable as well, but not for the reasons fans thought.


5. When Hui was third wheeling on a log ride

HyunA and E’Dawn were in a lovely world of their own as E’Dawn held down HyunA’s hat so that it won’t fall off during the ride. Meanwhile, Hui was in the back seat, scared, but the other members were too busy to notice…


6. When Hui was a third wheel even in their music video

Some claim that Hui was a third wheel in the “365 FRESH” music video as well.


7. Basically every single time they were together

Although the three members of Triple H have a great relationship with each other, it can’t be easy being in a trio group when the other 2 are dating!