7 Times Fans Were Happy When Idols Gained Weight

These idols were praised for gaining weight.

More often than not idols are told they aren’t skinny enough and will undergo extreme diets in search of a skinny physique. In contrast to the harsh criticism from some haters, many fans are often excited and relieved when their idols gain weight. This excitement is especially given to idols who have struggled to gain weight in the past or have suffered from extreme weight loss. Below are a few times where fans were overjoyed that their idols had gained some weight and thought they looked healthier than ever!


1. Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona

Fans have been worried about Yoona for a very long time due to her ridiculously tiny waistline.


A few months ago, fans started to notice she was gaining weight and couldn’t be happier for her.


Everyone can’t get over her new healthy glow!


2. BTS‘s V

V used to be extremely thin back when the group first debuted.


Since then, he has filled out and fans are loving the change in his body!


The change in weight didn’t change how people feel about him. He was even voted the handsomest K-Pop idol by 100 other idols back in March!


3. EXO‘s Xiumin

When Xiumin first debuted a lot of people criticized his weight, which lead him to undergo a massive weight loss.


This, in turn, caused a lot of fans anxiety because he was so underweight.


Since then, Xiumin has gained back some weight.


Fans are ecstatic to see the change and think he looks happy and healthy.


4. EXID‘s LE

Fans have noticed all of the EXID members have put on weight since their debut.

Fans particularly noticed the difference in LE’s weight.


While idols are often criticized for putting on weight, fans are very happy to see the girls gain some more curves.


5. Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung

Yoona isn’t the only member of Girls’ Generation fans were happy to see gain some weight.


Sooyoung often had fans worrying about her skinny state and now that she’s gained a little, they can rest easy.


6. BTS‘s Jimin

Jimin had a lot of fans seriously worried about him when he dropped a ton of weight.

Their concern escalated even further when he admitted to eating 1 meal a day on Please Take Care Of My Refridgerator.


Since then, fans always sure to ask him if he’s eaten and he’s gained a little bit of weight back.

The weight gain is welcome news to A.R.M.Ys.


7. Park Bo Gum

Some fans have speculated Park Bo Gum has put on a little weight.

In 2016, Park Bo Gum was super thin.


But the little bit of weight gain doesn’t bother fans. In fact, many really like the change in his appearance.


And they can’t get over how handsome and happy he looks!