7 Times Idols Learned Sign Language To Communicate With Their Fans

They make sure no one feels left out.

To make sure no fan ever feels left out, these 7 sweet idols all went out of their way to learn sign language so they could create a better experience for fans with hearing impairments.


At a BLACKPINK fansign back in October 2019, Rosé shocked BLINKs by showing off sign language skills they never knew she had.

In a cute clip from the day, she said “Nice to meet you!” in Korean sign language to all the fans in the crowd with hearing impairments.

2. Wheein (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO is well-known for the group’s efforts to include fans with both hearing and vision impairments. Alongside adding a vibrating function to the ‘MooBong’ lightstick and pioneering Korean subtitles on live broadcasts, the members have also learned sign language to communicate with MooMoos.


At one fansign, Wheein was seen signing to a hearing-impaired fan, and she even taught the other members how to sign ‘I love you!’.


3. Red Velvet

There’s a lot going on in the music video for Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”, which is why many people have never noticed that the MV actually incorporates sign language.

In the scenes where the Red Velvet members are interviewing their respective fruits, they can also be seen off to the side of the screen translating those interviews into sign language.

4. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Living up to her sunshine name, Sunny learned sign language to communicate with hearing-impaired people through volunteering when she was younger.

She was able to show off a variety of signs on a TV show, including “Okay”, “Nice to meet you!”, and “My name is Sunny,”.


Given that K-Pop dances often include complex hand movements, it’s no surprise that BTOB has used various signs from sign language in their choreography.

The members once revealed that they had the idea to incorporate sign language in their original dance for “Missing You”. Some of the signs in the choreo include “I miss you” and “one year”. They later gave a full sign language performance of the song with a hearing-impaired fan.

6. Luna (f(x))

Back in 2012, Luna from f(x) received a touching letter from a deaf fan. In the letter, the MeU explained that they loved Luna’s performances, but actually couldn’t hear them.

The words meant so much to Luna that she decided to learn sign language so she could perform with it on Immortal Song.

7. Sohye (I.O.I)

When I.O.I was promoting as a group, vocalist and rapper Sohye revealed that she had started learning sign language.

At the time, she knew just a few signs, but she was able to converse a little with SISTAR’s Soyou on Star Show 360.