7 Times Idols Tried And Failed To Win Over People’s Hearts With Aegyo

Everyone can do aegyo, but not everyone should.

1.  During an “Idol Battle Cook” competition, APRIL‘s Naeun tried to charm Hong Seok Chun.

He roots for the other team!


2. EXID Hyerin’s cute “Voldemort Sunbae” impersonation…

…did not impress the Dark Lord.


3. BTS leader, RM, was scolded for his “cuteness”.

RM’s attempt was so bad that the Weekly Idol hosts refused to acknowledge his aegyo as aegyo.


4. TWICE‘s Tzuyu strikes out.

Tzuyu isn’t the cutesy type, but she had three chances to woo fans with aegyo. According to her members, she failed.


5. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi proved a book can’t be judged by its cute cover.

Despite his baby-face, Woozi’s aegyo was just plain cringe-inducing to his members. They couldn’t stop their fingers from curling.


6. Mark’s “aegyo” makes everyone uncomfortable.

When Mark tried his hand aegyo, nobody said “awww“. JB reacted with a pained smile as if he was hearing nails on a chalkboard.


7. iKON’s B.I tries to dance cutely. (Keyword: “tries”.)

iKON’s members would rather face Jaws than watch their leader’s “shark dance”.