7 Times Red Velvet Irene’s Gifts Proved She’s The “Best Woman Of This Generation”

“Best Woman Of This Generation” is the nickname Red Velvet gave to Irene.

The Red Velvet members have the coolest nickname for Irene—“Best Woman of This Generation”. Wendy revealed the title first came about during “Bad Boy” era, when Irene generously paid for the group’s entire order in a restaurant. But that’s not the only time Irene has been generous. Here are 14 more times she’s given great gifts, living up to the impressive nickname her members bestowed upon her.

1. Expensive lamp for Seulgi

Seulgi recently celebrated her 26th birthday on February 10—and it wouldn’t be a birthday without a gift from Irene. The two have celebrated their birthdays together for a decade, so it’s no surprise that Irene went out of her way to give Seulgi a special gift.

Alongside buying her pricey flowers and spending the day with her, Irene also gifted Seulgi a velvet lamp in the shape of her representative animal—a bear. The lamp cost a staggering ₩490,000 KRW ($400 USD), and Seulgi couldn’t stop showing it off on her live broadcast that day.

For Seulgi’s 23rd birthday, Irene bought her a suitcase she’d been wanting for a while.

2. Premium meals for NCT 127

NCT 127 held their first solo concert in Seoul on January 26, and in true SM Entertainment family fashion, many artists from the company attended to show their support.

Alongside Seulgi and Joy, Irene showed up that day—but she brought more than just cheers. The next day, the NCT 127 members revealed that Irene also bought them a famous Japanese dish called hitsumabushi along with drinks.

Even a small serving of this luxury grilled eel meal can cost around ₩35,000 KRW ($30) each, meaning Irene likely spent hundreds of dollars on meals and drinks for the group.

3. A gaming mouse for Yeri

Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri is the most avid gamer in the group. Back in 2018, the Overwatch fan finally got her first gaming PC setup in the group’s dorm. At her birthday party, Yeri revealed that her mom bought her the monitor, keyboard, and headset she needed.

Irene, meanwhile, bought Yeri an expensive gaming mouse to go along with it. Yeri also said that Seulgi bought her a gaming chair, while joking that Wendy and Joy hadn’t yet contributed to her pro-gamer side gig.

Irene often buys sweet gifts for Yeri—including a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her representative color (purple) to celebrate her Coming of Age day.

4. Luxury loungewear for Red Velvet’s dancers

Red Velvet and their backing dancers are a tight knit team of close friends as well as colleagues. So, it’s no wonder that Irene includes them in her generosity.

Back in June 2018 after Red Velvet’s Red Room concert in Fukuoka, Irene bought slippers and pajamas from Gelato Pique, a luxury loungewear brand.

5. Vitamins for the dancers

Irene treated the dancers once again while the group was rehearsing for their La Rouge tour in Japan. To make sure everyone stayed healthy during the difficult preparations, she gifted them all with immune-strengthening vitamins from a brand called Orthomol.

The dancers all uploaded their gifts to Instagram, saying Irene’s heart is just as pretty as her face.

6. Acupressure slippers for Doyoung

On a radio show in 2018, an NCTzen recommended that the group tries out acupressure slippers. But Doyoung revealed that he already has, thanks to Irene. He said that Irene was the first to recommend the slippers to him, and after he expressed interest, she went ahead and bought them as a gift.

Irene is such a big fan of the acupressure shoes, many retailers actually market them as “Irene slippers”.

7. Dolls for Yeri’s sisters

Even Red Velvet’s family members get treated to gifts from Irene. When the group was shooting the first season of their reality show, Level Up Project, in Thailand, Irene spotted some pretty dolls.

Confused, the staff asked Irene if she liked the kid’s toys. But they weren’t for her. Irene confessed that she promised to buy Yeri’s sisters a gift before, but never got the chance. She also found the perfect perfume for Joy (who couldn’t participate in the show due to drama shooting)—a perfume with her name on it. Later, Joy revealed that the perfume Irene bought her was her favorite.

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