7 Times ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was An Even Bigger Girl Group Stan Than You

From Red Velvet to Girls’ Generation, she loves them all.

Think you’re the ultimate K-Pop girl group stan? ITZY’s Chaeryeong might have something to say about that. Here are just a few of the times she’s proved how much she loves her fellow girl groups.

1. When she confessed her first love

Chaeryeong was once asked a revealing question about love: “When was the moment your heart beat for the first time?”. But she didn’t describe love for her family, or a school crush. Chaeryeong’s answer? “When Girls’ Generationsunbaenim debuted—at that moment, I fell in love.”

2. When she showed she knows every girl group song

Think you know every girl group hit out there? Chaeryeong might give you a run for your money. Her members once praised her for her uncanny ability to learn the lyrics and dances to every song—especially girl group songs, according to Yeji.

Need proof? You only have to look at all the girl group songs she’s managed to cover with no preparation.

She even knows the B-sides!

3. When she almost cried over Yoona

At the Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam, Chaeryeong was lucky enough to come face-to-face with one of the idols she loves the most—Yoona from Girls’ Generation.

In a live broadcast, Chaeryeong revealed that she’d been a fan of Yoona since she was 7 years old, falling for her when You Are My Destiny aired with Yoona in the starring role over 10 years ago.

Chaeryeong called Yoona her “goddess-nim”, and confessed that she was so happy to meet her idol, she almost cried.

4. When she really cried over Yoona

After MBC’s 2019 Gayo Daejejeon on New Year’s Eve, Yoona came to greet the ITZY members with signed albums. When Yoona took out two albums, Chaeryeong immediately wished she could ask her for one.

But to her surprise, one of the albums was already addressed “to Chaeryeong”! Chaeryeong was so touched, she said she cried over it on January 1.

5. When she recommended Seohyun’s solo

Another Girls’ Generation member Chaeryeong loves is Seohyun. In one interview, she recommended Seohyun’s solo track “Don’t Say No” as a song that brings up your energy.

6. When she had heart eyes over Taeyeon

Unsurprisingly, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has captured Chaeryeong’s heart too. When Taeyeon won her much-deserved award for Four “Seasons”, Chaeryeong could be seen in the audience watching her video acceptance speech with heart eyes.

7. When she fangirled over Apink

Chaeryeong never hesitates to show how much she’s loved Apink since she was a trainee. In one live broadcast, she told MIDZYs that she was desperate to hug the Apink members when she met them, but she held herself back because there were so many other people around.

In an episode of I SEE ITZY, she also revealed she watched the group’s reality documentary show, Apink News, and showed off that she knows their choreography.

She even supports the members’ solos. At one fansign for “ICY”, Chaeryeong told a MIDZY that she’s listened to all of Hayoung’s songs, and that her favorite B-side track is “Do You Miss Me?”.