7 Times When GOT7’s Jackson Wang Was So “Done” With Everyone

He’s not having it anymore!

GOT7‘s Jacksonย is a busy man. From being a member of one of K-Pop’s most popular boy groups to also being a successful solo artist, designer, and brand ambassador. He doesn’t have time to waste. Here are 7 times when Jackson was so done.

1. When he became a meme

Ahgases stan a meme king and they don’t want him to forget it! Fans have started to bring memes of Jackson along with the usual fan signs and lightsticks… much to his dismay.

2. When Twitter was reducing video quality

We spend money on expensive cameras and phones just for the social media websites to reduce the quality! Jackson was dumbfounded to see how poor quality his videos looked after he posted.

3. When his video wasn’t savedย 

A constant battle with social media, Jackson went live for his followers only for Twitter to not save his video.

4. When fans were trying to find spoilers

Since Jackson has left JYP Entertainment, fans are eager to see what’s next for the rapper. Anytime he posts on social media, fans try to decipher and find hidden clues for potential comeback. However, Jackson is quick to shutdown any theories.

5. When staff tried to get him to end his live

Not only did Jackson expose the staff that were telling him to end his live, but he ended up ignoring them and continuing!

6. When puppies wouldn’t play with him

Unrequited love is always devastating. Jackson did an interview with Buzzfeed and puppies and he tried to show affection toward the cuties, but they, unfortunately, wouldn’t reciprocate.

7. When JYP performedย 

There’s just something so embarrassing about watching your boss perform in tight clothes!

Source: JYP Entertainment/Twitter