7 Times K-Pop Idol Managers Were Abusive Towards Fans

Not all K-Pop managers are friendly, and sometimes they go crazy.

We all love our idols and want to just run into their arms and hug them, but sometimes fans get too touchy and managers had to get in the way.

1. CNBLUE (2010)

During rehearsals for Music Bank, CNBLUE fans swarmed around the van, preventing the members from getting out. When the door finally opened, a fan pulled on Jonghyun’s hoodie, causing the manager to explode and hit the fan.

2. EXO (2014)

On April 29th, 2015, EXO’s manager was sued about 1 million won for injuring a fan. While EXO was boarding the shuttle train after their performance in China, their manager had hit a fan, causing their head to hit the camera he/she was holding.



3. SHINee (2009)

Back in 2009 SHINee’s manager had hit a fan on the back of the head so hard that she fell over. You can see the looks on Taemin and Minho’s faces as they stared in surprise.

4. Red Velvet (2015)

Red Velvet’s manager was seen angrily cursing at fans to stop talking to the idols as they made their way towards the van. His voice can be heard getting louder and louder as time passes.

5. TVXQ (2010)

When TVXQ was entering the airport, fans began swarming towards the group. One fan who was running, was pushed by the manager and fell down while other fans ran past her.

6. EXO (2012)

Yet again, EXO’s manager was seen striking a fan at the airport. While the fan tried to snap a photo of the idols, the manager had smacked her on the forehead, causing her glasses to fall off.

7. Girls’ Generation (2010)

When Girls’ Generation attended a football tournament as teenagers, fans crowded around the girls to take photos. The manager stepped out and grabbed the fan’s phone and smashed it into the ground, causing the phone to break apart. Thankfully, the fan was not injured during this event.