7 Times K-Pop Idols Showed Off Their Gen Z Side

These idols are Gen Z icons!

Gen Z has its own unique perspective, memes, and sense of humor that’s totally different from those of previous generations.

Gen Z K-Pop idols are totally a part of their generation’s culture, and here are 7 times they proved it!

1. Soobin (TXT) asking why people bother to learn math when calculators exist

Gen Z has grown up surrounded by technology, and they’re not afraid to use it! In a live broadcast, TXT‘s Soobin revealed that he struggled with math in school, and he asked “why would you learn math” when calculators exist.

| Kitty Hyun/YouTube

 2. Jungkook (BTS) constantly recreating the “We irritating” meme

There’s no doubt that Gen Z loves their memes! BTS‘s Jungkook loved striking the pose from the photo that inspired the “We irritating” meme, and he took every chance he got to show his love for the meme!

| Adam/Know Your Meme
| @kukliet/Twitter
| @kukliet/Twitter
| @kukliet/Twitter

3. Yugyeom (GOT7) making a dance to the “Ottoke Song” that would fit in perfectly on TikTok

Although most K-Pop idols use the “Ottoke Song” to show off their cute sides, GOT7′s Yugyeom used it to show his Gen Z side off instead! While singing this song, he hit the whoa, did the nae nae, and the shoot dance.

| Karen Natalia Nuñez Palta/YouTube 

4. Shinwon (PENTAGON) speaking in keyboard smash on the radio

Gen Z knows that nothing captures the complexity of emotions like “asgjkljqiujklgjkldj,” and PENTAGON‘s Shinwon is no different!

5. Haechan (NCT) explaining what a “bop” is to Taeil, Doyoung, and Jaehyun

Sometimes, Gen Z’s slang is hard for older generations to understand! NCT‘s Haechan can definitely relate to the struggle of explaining Gen Z lingo to other people.

“It’s a bap (rice)?” | NCT DAILY/YouTube

 6. Vernon (SEVENTEEN) using “iykyk” in a caption

SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon knows all the Gen Z acronyms! He used “iykyk” in a caption on a picture of the movie poster for Spy Kids, which is a certified Gen Z classic film.

| @miwon17_/Twitter

7. Mina (TWICE) being obsessed with Minecraft

The game Minecraft is extremely popular among Gen Z, and TWICE‘s Mina loves it! She even filmed herself playing Minecraft and put it on TWICE’s YouTube channel.

| TWICE/YouTube


Source: Reddit