7 Times NCT DREAM’s Chenle Was Whipped For His Hyungs

Chenle is whipped for his members, and honestly, so are we.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle likes to verbally express his love for his hyungs, and insists that they’re cute. And honestly with hyungs like his, we don’t blame him for being fond of them. Here are 7 times Chenle was visibly whipped for his hyungs:

Jeno (left) and Chenle (right) | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Chenle thought Mark’s simple and honest food review was just too cute.

2. Haechan’s cake making

Haechan’s serious concentration on his task at hand warranted a compliment from Chenle.

3. His hyungs arguing

The NCT DREAM members always seem to be bickering, and Chenle is so used to it at this point that he finds it endearing.

4. Mark in general

Believe it or not, Mark is the hyung, but it doesn’t seem that way with how often Chenle dotes on Mark.

5. Jeno’s popcorn

Chenle found it adorable that Jeno decided to bring a pack of popcorn of all things on their trip, and honestly we do too.

6. Mark in general pt. 2

If it wasn’t clear before how much Chenle favors Mark, it is now as he goes from scolding Jisung to complimenting Mark in .7 seconds.

7. NCT 127 hyungs

His love for his hyungs extends beyond NCT DREAM and even to Doyoung from NCT 127.

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