Here Are 7 Times NCT Made D*ck Jokes And Guffawed Helplessly

NCT loves their dirty jokes!

NCT is a group full of boys who love to have fun and laugh, even at the expense of more…ah, racier jokes. Here are 10+ times NCT wrestled with having their perverted sides exposed, but failed- badly!


1. “Jaemin’s succulent is huge!”

During a live broadcast in 2018, Mark, Jaemin, Kun and Winwin all gathered to make gifts for the other members. The gift involved the planting of succulents in jars for each of the 18 members.

Mark was tasked with planting Jaemin’s succulent, while Jaemin was to plant Jeno‘s. As Mark began planting the succulent, he made a very exclamatory comment with a side-eye;

Jaemin’s succulent is huge! Why is it so huge?


This earned a delighted laugh from Jaemin, who then proceeded to pick up the jar with Jeno’s name on it, and say with the cheekiest smile,

Jeno’s plant is nowhere to be seen.


(P.S.- Note Mama Kun’s reaction)


2. “John’s banana?”

During a coffee themed live broadcast, Ten, Mark, Jaehyun and Johnny were sitting around a table, eating and drinking while they talked.

Mark tried to make a dad-joke with Johnny’s name, saying

What’s the place that produces a lot of bananas from?


And Johnny responded saying,



(Ama means “probably” in Korean, and the pronunciation of “zon” was modified to “John” for the joke).

Ten didn’t get the joke, and asked Mark to explain it. As Mark faltered with his explanation, Ten gave the biggest smile, and said,

John’s banana?


Which led to stressed chuckles from Johnny and Mark, and ill-timed comment from Jaehyun,

It tastes like Danish milk.



3. Mark and his sausage- Part 1

During a live broadcast, Mark, Jaehyun, Johnny, Lucas and Doyoung all cooked a meal together.

While adding sausages, Mark was asked what he thought about the sausages they were using in the meal.

He responded with,

Well, the sausages are warmed up and tasted delicious.


And at the mention of sausages, he subsequently exchanged eye-contact with Jaehyun, and then dissolved into a round of his infamous giggling!


4. Mark and his sausage- Part 2

For the filming of NCT Dream’s “Go” MV, the group had visited L.A. for the shoot. They then decided to get hot dogs, and after eating, were being filmed just standing outside, when Jaemin popped the million dollar question,

How did the hot dog taste?


After a second of disbelief, Mark quickly got into character, and said,

To be honest…to be honest…



…The moment I put it into my mouth…


And at this point, he and Jaemin lost all composure, and immediately started laughing!


5. “My pants are blue, and I’m not gonna go any lower”

In another coffee themed live broadcast, this time accompanied by Johnny’s “Fashion Evaluation”, Johnny showed off his white shirt and dark blue pants.

My pants are blue, and I’m not gonna go any lower


To which Mark replies (while giggling),

Yeah, I don’t think you should.


Extra GIF:


6. This unintentional d*ck reference does not get past-you guessed it- Mark Lee.

On episode 10 of It’s Dangerous Outside, Mark , along with Loco, actor Lee Yi Kyung and former HIGHLIGHT member Junhyung, all gathered to make sujebi, or dough-flake soup.

While Yi Kyung lifted up a spoonful of the soup, 2 dough-flakes came out side by side, which prompted Loco to comment,

Wait, but what’s that thing called, the thing with two little balls attached?


To which the entire cast looked up in complete shock!

Mark began giggling hysterically while checking to see if the rest of the cast thought what he was thinking (they were), and then began jumping up and down hilariously at the confirmation!


Bonus: “I like sticky things in my mouth, like our ‘Baby Don’t Stop'”

During a live broadcast while promoting “Baby Don’t Stop”, Ten and Taeyong were eating rice.

Its as then that Ten decided to reveal his…texture preference.

I like sticky things in my mouth, like our ‘Baby Don’t Stop’


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