7 Times Red Velvet Yeri’s Thigh High Boots Made Her Legs Look SO Good

Now we need a pair or two!

Thigh high boots are boots that extend above the knee, and they are fashion statements that can make any girl look chic and put together in no time. They also have the added advantage of emphasizing one’s legs and upper body.

In Red Velvet Yeri‘s case, they suit her especially well because of how good they make her legs look. Here are 7 times she blew our breaths away with her black thigh high boots.

1. Oversized Sweater

Proving once again that her airport fashion is not one to be missed, Yeri matched her boots with an oversized red sweater. An added touch to her casual look was a leopard-print hat.

2. Black and White

If the previous boots were thigh high stilettos, these appear to be more comfortable with their chunkier heel. She wore it with a cute white top and black shorts.

3. Rainbow Top

In this teaser picture, Yeri paired her boots with a “Love Sees No Colour” rainbow top and shimmery black shorts.

4. Black Blazer Dress

Yeri exudes class and elegance in this suede blazer dress. Its short length emphasizes the tops of her thighs.

5. White Dress

Once again busting out her to-die for stiletto thigh high boots, Yeri switched it up this time with a feminine and flowy white dress.

6. Red Blazer Dress

This time, Yeri paired her boots with a blazer dress in a bright red color that never goes out of style.

7. Knitted Sweater

This tri-colored, knitted sweater dress matches perfectly with Yeri’s boots. Someone crown her the queen of thigh high boots already!

Source: Nate

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